Peeter Jalakas
1h 30min

August Kitzberg’s classical play “Werewolf” is one of the most substantial texts written in Estonian by 2022.

It is nothing unprecedented or incredible in terms of the course of events. These events will irreversibly happen again and again, even today. It took place before the writing of "Werewolf" and it will take place in the future.


This is the difference between a classic and the rest, the non-classical. The captured or articulated essence, the peeled out substantiality, is what sets the barrier of reality on the brisk railway of existence.

The question to be answered might seem too simple. But all the more fundamental.

Does the world exist outside or inside our heads?

Peeter Jalakas started the Von Krahl Theater on Ratakaevu street with "Werewolf".

He will also finish with "Werewolf".

Was the Von Krahl Theater even there?

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