Nobody's Desert

1h 5min

What happens when a bird forgets its song? How to maintain an ability to live if the landscape as we knew it deforms into a lonely metallic desert? How will the world appear and sound like if the only birds still left flying are made of iron?

The one transformed into a metal bird who has lost its voice to noise, is not giving up a chance to reunite with its species. A longing to connect forces to search for a new language in the inevitability of a transformed world. To prevent completely dissolving in the new circumstances it’s needed to let go of the habitual forms of interaction. Wandering around soundscapes of a no man’s land and colliding with metal, new opportunities for metaphorical dialogues are born through sound sculptures. Visually both freely vibrating bodies as well as bodies which are forced to vibrate are emerging.

One source of inspiration for this production is Regent Honeyeater in Australia - a rare species of singing birds which specimen, due to their small number, have started to forget their song. 3,5 million birds have been lost during the past 35 years from Estonian forests. In addition the birds living in cities are adjusting their song according to the frequencies of city noise and make compromises in their vocal performance, leaving out some sounds and tunes of certain frequencies.

In the new production of Expedition director-actress Jaanika Arum, visual artist and musician Helen Västrik and sound artist Mari-Liis Rebane are fantasising about an inner world which is in a turbulence of external change.

Different mediums, such as body of the performer, sound, video, light and sculpture are used in the production.

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