Lavakunstikooli XXXI lend
50 minutes

We want to put ourselves to the test in front of the most earnest theatre critics. At the Children’s Morning, young theatre lovers are greeted by pancakes and a semi-improvisational performance, inspired by Andrus Kivirähk's Brave Kefir. Brave Kefir is a story of the adventures of condiments while humans are in the other room. What is the greatest fear of Sausage? Why did Tinfoil escape the bin? Do empty ketchup bottles really go insane? And where has Mouldy Bread gone? This is a story full of discoveries, action and passion, set in a slightly mouldy kitchen.


The class of 2024 of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre hijack the flat where otherwise Only Rivers Run Free. From 17 to 20 June in the former space of Vaba Lava (currently operating under the name JAIK). Party at a stranger’s flat is a risk. A risk that the young actors of the academy of music and theatre are willing to take. During three days and nights Ekspeditsioon's stage created for Only Rivers Run Free will host different performances. Mistakes and failures — guaranteed; unexpected successes and unique encounters — guaranteed; jazz and Ukrainian folk — guaranteed; famous people — guaranteed; pancakes, tinfoil and half a kilo of sausage — guaranteed; one performance by the Tallinn City Theatre — guaranteed; a three-day marathon without a guarantee that the participants will push though — also guaranteed. Performative experiments are inspired by the particular stage and the result is unknown. Stage design originally created by Arthur Arula will be repeatedly redefined during the four days. Performed activities are reactive in nature, with a less strict structure, risky and include unexpected moments – just like a party in a stranger’s flat. This is a collaboration between Ekspeditsioon and Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

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